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Give Sugar Cravings the Boot,
Burn Fat, and Fire Up Your Sexy...
Without Dieting!

If youíre tired of beating yourself up emotionally,
if youíre ready to stop being a slave to your sugar cravings,
if youíd like to beat sugar addiction once and for all,
then the Boot Sugar Now Starter Kit is for you!

Find Your Sweet Spot Without Sugar!

7 Insider Tips to
Give Sugar the Boot

In this report, get the insider stratiegies I used to stop sugar cravings, lose weight, and create the best health of my life.

Sweet Satisfaction

Recipes, tips, articles and inspiration to help give you the support you need for your freedom from sugar cravings journey.

How different would your life would be if you could:

  • Shift from craving sugar to craving healthy, nourishing foods that make you feel GREAT!
  • Stop judging yourself for your food choices.
  • Get back in the driver's seat, and stop letting sugar hijack your life.
  • Eliminate your digestive troubles, headaches, fatigue and  mood-swings
  • Have more balanced and consistent energy throughout your day
  • Look forward to intimacy with your partner

In this free report you'll learn:

  • The number one way to fire up your metabolism to start burning fat, now!
  • Easy ways to maximize your digestion
  • The best techniques to help beat sugar cravings, every day.
  • An easy way to turn the “heat” up in your love life.

You'll also get a delicious and nutritious recipe to help you “get your sweet on” in a healthy way. And a subscription to Sweet Satisfaction, my free eZine to help give you the support you need for your journey.

Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to seeing you on the other side!

Nourish your body, feed your soul,

Xo Judith


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Client Success Stories...

"During our time working together
I lost over 20 lbs. "

"Before working with Judith I struggled with keeping to a sensible diet that would be healthy for me, enable me to lose weight and reduce the impact of IBS. I was eating too much junk food, was eating on the run a lot, and my energy was low.

Now in my 40's I want to beat the odds of suffering from cancer and/or heart disease. Diet seemed an important place to begin but it was difficult to keep away from the stuff that tastes so good but is not good for you.

Judith helped me clean up my act, literally. My stomach issues, which used to plague me, are now few and far between, and I have tweaked the supplements I take at Judith's suggestion. During our time working together I lost over 20 lbs.

Once I began to see results, I got even more motivated and began working out with a personal trainer whom Judith recommended.

I have more energy, and I feel fantastic.

Judith educated me about the kinds of foods that just don't work for me, and helped me to discover a lot of new, delicious foods. I enjoy cooking and introducing these new, healthy foods to my family.

Working with Judith has helped me to be more mindful of the way that I eat, as well as what I actually eat, and has shown me that making healthy choices is very doable! I'm glad that I am able to pass these ideas along to my children, and instill in them the healthy practices I have learned."

Mike Z.
Irvington, NY

"Judith is a gift that I encourage
others to receive."

"I believe that certain people have gifts of healing that go beyond education, training and skill.  Judith Mizrahi is one of these people. 

In our first holistic health coaching session, I sensed a wisdom and a deep respect and judgment-free honoring of the struggles I have had with my own choices around food and lifestyle. 

Judith is nurturing, wise and extremely caring.  In the subsequent sessions, she called on several disciplines, and provided many tools, making our time together both sacred and effective. 

She listens deeply and presents suggestions that are easy to implement.  In her own gentle way, she is an agent of change.  Judith is a gift that I encourage others to receive."

Lisa G.
Scarsdale, NY


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